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Carpet Cleaning Academy in California is helping people become small business owners. We offer training and certification courses to anyone interested in creating a carpet cleaning company or training of your staff. Carpet cleaning is an easy start up business and is still in high demand for property owners. You can get customers, you can go out on jobs and you can make money. We want to show you how.

If you know nothing about the carpet cleaning business, we welcome you to enroll in a class. If you have some experience with carpet cleaning, it will still be beneficial to get certified through our courses. Either way, we look forward to helping your business idea grow and prosper.

With more than 20 years’ experience, we offer several carpet cleaning and odor removal techniques. Students have been relying on us for 2 decades for proper carpet cleaning skills and techniques. Our success is due to great customer service, effective training, and successful business owners in the field.

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